Why manage your events with Bookon4d - 4D Event Management Software?

To Create and handle an event is not an easy task. Once the decision has been made to conduct an event, every aspect of the event has to be planned and managed very carefully. Organising a successful event includes promoting the event, getting attendees to book, organising the venue, etc,

At Bookon4d we understand the difficulties faced by event planners and managers. Our aim is to provide a better and convenient way for them to conduct their event without any hassle. 4D Event management software provides an easy platform to create and handle all kinds of events from anywhere and from any device. Bookon4D provides the perfect software to cater to any type of event irrespective of the type of event and event size.

Time is very crucial for all the event planners since they have to plan, organise and manage all aspects of an event. 4D event helps in saving time and gives a stress free experience of event management.

Event management is not just about planning an event. It involves promoting the event and attracting more audience to the event. Bookon4d provides the option to promote and sell the event tickets online. Offers and discounts can also be given to attract more attendees to the event. There is also an option to send emails through which promotional offers can be sent to new as well as existing customers. Attendees can make online bookings as well as pay for their ticket through our safe and secure online payment gateway.

Another special feature of our event management software is that it is integrated with hall booking. Event planners can have the option to select venue through our hall booking software. You can choose a venue of your choice depending on the type and size of the event.

There is also an option to conduct repeat events that is, conducting the same event on the same day of the week every week or month. Once a repeat event is created it can be modified to be conducted on a different day and time as well.

The reporting functionality gives the option to analyse the event performance, ticket sales, revenue, etc.

If you want to know more about our event management software, contact us now at info@4devent.com.

Manage your events better with an efficient event management software

Management is the biggest and the most important process for any event; it includes planning, organising according to the plan, then directing and controlling the whole process till we achieve the goal. It requires a team of people to plan and manage an event.

In this fast running world, everyone wants a smart way to do their work. This is true for any company or business or educational institutions.

Now a days various software are available in the market to simplify our work. Also in this fast paced internet age, people prefer to buy or sell things online.

One such software is the 4D event management software which helps in planning and promoting all kinds of events. For example, if you have a hotel with party halls, which you rent out for various events, our 4D event management software can help with promoting events to get more bookings. Event management process includes checking availability of the hall, selling tickets, promoting the event and getting payments online through a safe and secure payment gateway. Our 4D event management software can help with all these and more.

Our Bookon4d Event management software benefits:

  •  Easy implementation of the software as a plug in.
  • Single dashboard management of all the processes relating to the event.
  • Access to the software from any device.
  •  Ability to schedule the event ticket availability, taking payments online etc.
  •  Option to provide details regarding location, direction to the event location, parking availability, etc.
  • Notification when a customer books ticket.

 These are some of the features of the event management software. Get in touch with us now for more information and to get a free demo.