Control your event information

Manage Events

Monitor sale of ticket, availability for each ticket type all from one place.

Book events online
Event booking software

Provide seating capacity of the hall/venue and the seating arrangements to provide a better picture to the customers.

Different types of tickets can be created with different pricing like FREE, VIP, General, Donation etc.

Easy to manage from any device from anywhere at any time.

Repeat events can be created at one go and can be posted again with any modifications, if needed.

event management software
online event booking software

Collect payments online or specify payment methods as required. Our safe and secure online transfer and banking makes payment methods more reliable.

Supports multiple currency types.

If paid directly at the event, the cash payments will be reconciled on the reports when generating revenue report.

Reach out to a wider audience by listing your events on various social media tools as well.

Events can be scheduled for any time like events occurring on particular dates or weekly or monthly.

Time of event operation can also be easily provided categorically.

Book events online